When my family moved to Portland two years ago, we chose Longfellow because it’s a small, walkable, neighborhood school situated in the heart of a community. These qualities are an exception to the norm and an asset to preserve.

Portland has a long list of accolades, but schools are not on the list. Teachers are educating children in hallways, broom closets and temporary trailers. They lack appropriate sprinkler systems, functioning windows and walls separating classrooms. At Reiche, children wear noise-canceling headphones in order to focus.

Improving schools could generate economic growth and tax revenue for the city. When schools fail to meet 21st-century standards, the wealth and privilege of Portland’s surrounding towns will triumph.

The four-school bond will cost the average household less than $9 a month. Please vote to improve all four schools. Voting for two leaves out Reiche and Longfellow. All Portland children should attend schools that meet 21st-century standards.

Kari Radasch