To suggest that democracy and civilization were about to collapse in 1940 under the onslaught of totalitarianism is not an understatement. The leader who emerged to confront this menace had been described as arrogant, a self-promoting egotist, a rotter, a bounder and, occasionally, a drunk. These many descriptions came from members of the British Parliament, many of whom advocated surrender to the forces of the Third Reich.

It would appear that the man who rallied the British population to fight on against great odds was, accordingly, a flawed individual. Nevertheless, Winston Churchill, as prime minister, brought the British nation and the world to victory.

With the numerous problems facing our nation and the world, we have a president who many suggest is a flawed leader. Is it possible that leadership comes in many forms and may not conform to what is considered the norm? That question will, undoubtedly, be answered sometime in the future.

Andrew Thompson