Join me in voting for Bree LaCasse for an at-large Portland City Council seat.

Bree and I ran the referendum campaign to save Congress Square and other parks. I had nothing to lose in that divisive fight. I watched Bree risk her livelihood and lifelong reputation as a reasonable person in this town to save that poor people’s park out of an old-school sense of justice and fairness.

After we won, Bree busted her butt to turn that neglected hole into a cheery place to celebrate all the salty humanity of Portland. There, rich and poor, young and old, able and less able, can still get together to sit, laugh, dance and chat without having to pay a dime for the pleasure.

There is Bree’s vision for Portland, right there, in action – a glimpse of Portland nearly lost. I trust Bree to save it and keep it.

John Eder

outgoing member, Portland Board of Education