When Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough

Now that it’s “safe” for NRA-allied politicians to come out of their thoughts-and-prayers hidey holes (Sack political cartoon, The Times Record, Oct. 10), I wonder if they’ll actually do anything this time about our country’s gun violence epidemic.

Our gun homicide rate is 25 times higher than other developed countries. This is due in large part to the “guns everywhere” agenda pushed for years by the NRA. Ironically, most NRA members support common sense measures to reduce gun violence — it’s the leadership of the NRA that is so extreme. Mainers saw this first hand last year when the NRA spread lies to defeat the referendum that would’ve expanded background checks to all gun sales. (“It’ll turn law abiding citizens into criminals!” “It’ll strip away your second amendment rights!”)

Look where it’s gotten us. Every day, 93 Americans are shot and killed. Las Vegas was the eighth mass shooting in 2017 and the 162nd mass shooting since 2009. The connecting element between all these tragedies is that it’s too easy for people with dangerous histories to get guns.

I don’t want to live in a country where we’re all armed to the teeth every moment of our daily lives. I want stronger gun safety laws that make us all safer. That’s why I joined Maine Moms Demand Action. We promote common sense solutions proven to save lives. To join me, text ACT to 64433. To honor Las Vegas, we must demand that legislators do more than just think and pray.

Lisa Ledwidge,


Accident Waiting to Happen

The intersection of Northbound and Southbound ramps from Route 1 at Cook’s corner is an accident waiting to happen. Northbound has a yield sign but most cars do not yield for cars coming from Southbound lane. There needs to be a yield sign on each side of the road for Northbound cars with flashing lights around it like the 35 mph signs in Brunswick and Bath. I have even seen cars pass on the right of cars that have stopped making it even more of a hazard.

Maxin Gersh,