KANSAS CITY CHIEFS quarterback Alex Smith leads his team against the Oakland Raiders tonight.

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS quarterback Alex Smith leads his team against the Oakland Raiders tonight.

No longer unbeaten, Kansas City now must concentrate on remaining atop the AFC West and, if the Chiefs can manage it, in front of the rest of the conference pack.

The first step toward that comes tonight at Oakland, not exactly a favorite destination for the Chiefs through the years.

Except that recently, KC doesn’t lose within the division. Andy Reid’s crew has won 12 in a row against the AFC West, five straight and seven of the past eight against the Raiders. Most of those wins weren’t close.

“I wish I had the secret,” Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith says. “I’m sure it’s a ton of things. It’s ultimately about the 53 guys. It’s about us scratching and fighting and clawing for the smallest of little victories that end up being the difference to winning these games, because the margins are so small.”

With road teams winning more than they have lost this season (45-44), which hasn’t happened over a full schedule since the 1970 merger, the natural pick is the Chiefs (No. 2 in AP Pro32).

With this being one of the great, longstanding pro football rivalries, it’s hard to pick against the host Raiders (No. 24 in AP Pro32). Then again, there is that string of wins for Kansas City.

We will lay the 2 1/2 points.

CHIEFS, 27-21

No. 20 Tennessee (minus 5 1-2) at No. 32 Cleveland

Marcus Mariota showed so much Monday night, so we’ll climb aboard Titans bandwagon.


No. 12 Washington (plus 4 1-2) at No. 1 Philadelphia, Monday night

Winner of this one takes control of NFC East. Going with visitor given current trend.


No. 17 Dallas (minus 4 1-2) at No. 31 San Francisco

Niners play close games, then lose them.

COWBOYS, 22-20

No. 25 (tie) Cincinnati (plus 5 1-2) at No. 4 Pittsburgh

Steelers turned it on for a

while against KC, but rested Bengals will test them.


No. 9 Atlanta (plus 4 1- 2) at No. 3 New England

Super Bowl rematch, neither team looking super.


No. 8 Los Angeles Rams (minus 3) vs. No. 21 Arizona at London

Much better matchup than anyone could have expected Twickenham to host.

RAMS, 27-20

No. 7 Seattle (minus 5) at No. 28 New York


Giants won’t bite Seahawks in the way they did the Broncos last week.


No. 18 Jacksonville (minus 2) at No. 30 Indianapolis

Can’t figure Jaguars, but know Colts have little without Luck.

JAGUARS, 19-13 No. 23 Baltimore (plus 5

1-2) at No. 6 Minnesota

Can’t support Ravens right now.

VIKINGS, 20-13

No. 22 New York Jets

(plus 5 1-2) at No. 19


Jets tend to play well against Dolphins. So should be close.


No. 5 Carolina (minus 3) at No. 9 Chicago

Despite loss to Eagles last week, we like what Panthers are showing.


No. 14 New Orleans (minus 1 1-2) at No. 11 Green Bay

Wonder what spread would be if A-Rod was healthy and playing.

SAINTS, 27-17

No. 10 Denver (plus 2 1- 2) at No. 27 Los Angeles Chargers

Chargers won two straight road games. Of course, nearly everyone is winning on road.


No. 25 (tie) Tampa Bay (OFF) at No. 15 Buffalo

With Winston, we’d probably like Bucs. Without him, who knows?

BILLS, 17-13

2017 RECORD: Last week:

Against spread (6-7). Straight up (7-7). Season Totals:

Against spread (43-43-1).

Straight up: (53-38). Best

Bet: 3-3 against spread, 4-2 straight up. Upset special: 6-

0 against spread, 6-0 straight up.

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