Nit Picking on the Council

I just do not understand how a certain few Brunswick council members constantly complain and nit pick items, which the town manager or department heads bring to the forum for council approval. Case in point, a number of weeks ago the police chief took the time to go the the council meeting, and after careful research into parking meters being placed at the parking lot near the train/bus station, he suggested a $5 fee to park their all day long. In six months time, that would have paid for the expense of installing those meters. Well, two council members, jumped n that topic, and nit picked the chief to death. One councilor wanted a lesser fee of say $3 I believe was what she wanted all for the poor people who live in Brunswick. Give me a break, it would cost anyone a $5 bill to travel to Portland and fight all the traffic on 295, so this fee was a no brainer.

After another few weeks the commander Waltz spoke at the podium and he too was lambasted by these two councilors, like it almost became a pushing and shoving match. If I were the Commander I would have just walked out of the meeting. All department heads have a job to do, that is to do the very best they can and for the least amount of money all taxpayers. There could be a very few folks who have a tough time forking out a $5 fee, but those a very few, for it could mean they go without a cup of coffee and donut for the the day.

These arguments take up a lot of council time, I believe the solution would be to approve what a dept. heads presents to the council, and they go back in say 6 months to see if that set fee were too high or not, and then talk about it at that time. Councilors, give the police chief a break here, he is not out to harm us, lets try his suggestions first and see how they work out.

Bill Perreault,


The Road to Brunswick Landing

It is noted in your lead article in the Oct. 23 edition that the town of Brunswick considering taking private land and building an access road to Brunswick Landing. Whether the Town Council acknowledges the fact, Brunswick Landing is an incorporated town under an illegally constituted act of the Legislature. Part of that illegal legislation gives the Mid Coast Regional Redevelopment Authority the same powers as a Town Council complete with the requirement to pay for all the services it provides from lease or sale of the land of the now Town of Brunswick Landing. If you don’t believe me read Sec. 1.5 MRSA §13083-G enacted by PL 2005, c. 599, §1.

The taxpayers of Brunswick have been footing the bill to educate the school age children living in Brunswick Landing and have also been providing other services, all of which are the responsibility of the MRRA under their corporate charter. The increases in our taxes is not being offset to cover these costs and the MRRA is not charging its lessees to offset these costs because it cannot, by the law that created it assess property taxes.

Entities who set up businesses there and people who buy or lease houses there are exempt from paying property taxes and the businesses primarily fall under the Pine-Tree development law, which is also illegal under the Constitution of this State, not only don’t pay income taxes, but receive other cash subsidies, paid for by the taxpayers of this State.

The town of Brunswick has no jurisdiction over Brunswick Landing and the Town Council should be charging the MRRA for the services it provides. If Brunswick Landing wants another road into their town to access Brunswick, let them pay for it and put it on their property.

Fred Blanchard,


Enact RCV in the Constitution

Your lead article Oct. 24 makes it clear that Maine’s governor and lawmakers have rejected a central tenet of our democracy. They have essentially repudiated the majority of Mainers who voted for Ranked Choice Voting, recreational use of marijuana, tax increases for education, and a higher minimum wage. To be consistent, why don’t they enact background checks on guns and reject the results of the fifth referendum from last November? The repeal of RCV is particularly galling, given that the governor and many legislators are in office after receiving less than a majority of the vote. Legislators should immediately introduce an amendment to enact RCV in the constitution. If not, they are demonstrating the ultimate hypocrisy and contempt for the voters of this state and the democratic foundations of our country.

William Savedoff,