I don’t understand how legislators cannot and did not vote to implement ranked-choice voting. I know it did not pass in some districts. Paul LePage did not win every district either, but they let him be governor. They should at least have put the constitutional amendment on the ballot and let the citizens decide.

Our Legislature has changed every single issue we voted for, saying it was wrong and needed change. The citizens of this state voted, as is their right by the constitution of this state. The majority has spoken, which is the way that is supposed to work.

If the constitution needs changing, change it. The people who worked for this historical opportunity to elect leaders who more people feel invested in will continue to push for that amendment. Our constitution has been changed 133 times in its history, most since 1900. There is a question on this year’s ballot to do exactly that. Getting it to the citizens should not even be a question.

It does not have to be confusing. It is as simple as going into a restaurant and ordering prime rib. They are all out of prime rib, so you order something else. You don’t go hungry. You ordered two meals, but you only got one and you only paid for one. One vote. It is that easy.

Counting can be done on the local level and results sent to Augusta the same way we do any statewide election. This is not rocket science. It is not going to produce a majority, most of the time, among all voters.

If you think it is hocus-pocus, look at Portland, in 2011. There was no magic. Instead of a severely split vote, where 15 candidates for mayor had an equal shot, Michael Brennan emerged as the clear winner.

Peggy Bayliss


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