Election Day is Tuesday. The Times Record asked candidates in contested local races to tell us, in 500 words or less, the issues they would address if elected, and how. Here are their responses.



Kathy Wilson

Previous elected experience: Councilor At Large for the last three years

Candidate’s statement: I strongly believe in education and good schools…but I also believe we need to look out for all citizens of Brunswick. I LOVE this town, I own a home here, I grew up here, and I am still here. I run a business here and worked with my Dad’s business , Wilson’s Lunch and Industrial Catering, for 24 years before I opened my pet grooming business.

I want to stay here, and I want all my fellow citizens to be able to stay here if they want to. I want to be able to welcome all people to come to Brunswick, young and older. When making decisions I try very hard to think about not only what is going on now, in our community now, but also what it will be like in 10 or 25 or 50 years, for our children, our grandchildren and their children. My father taught me that being a good citizen meant we had to be willing to occasionally sacrifice our comfort zone for the good of community…for all in the community…young, … older… natives…. and the new citizens…for keeping everyone in mind is how we grow as a community.

We must constantly try to look at how every issue is going to affect different parts and the whole. I intend to hold fast on a lower tax increase, especially with the new school coming in a couple years. I intend to support growth thus increase our tax base, I intend to support schools but at a realistic pace for ALL citizens.

We need to look for ways to encourage less waste as our landfill is required to be closed in a few years. Our roads, fire department, police and municipal issues need much more attention and we must balance the budget so that is possible.

I admit it is not easy and there is often opposing needs for the same tax dollars. I cannot predict what many sides may present themselves as we move forward. However, as I make a decision on how to vote on the issues that come before us, I can only promise to look and look and look at issues and try to balance the needs of all. I promise to do my best to be fair to all citizens. Please vote, and remember there are several other important state referendum question beside the town issues. And know you can vote early, or absentee, if you so desire.

Whitney Parrish

Previous elected experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: Issues that I would like to address include but are not limited to: property tax relief through thoughtful, intentional spending and doing more research as a town into effective and inclusive circuit breaker tax relief programs; maintaining supportive and supported schools by building stronger relationships between the School Board and Council; and building a future that includes everyone by promoting and modeling transparency and effective process in decision making. Critical in doing each of these is truly listening to the people of Brunswick and doing my homework on the issues in order to develop informed, effective solutions.



James A. Omo (did not return questionnaire)

Julie Ambrosino

Previous Elected Experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: If elected, I would like to focus heavily on fostering policies that encourage the establishment of new independent businesses, and the retention of current businesses, in downtown Bath. By taking appropriate municipal action on taxes, regulations and infrastructure we can keep businesses thriving. I’d like to see organizations such as Main Street Bath, and our local Chamber of Commerce, continue providing support for businesses looking to have an online presence through social media via Facebook, Instagram, etc. and utilizing review sites such as Trip Advisor, Yelp and Foursquare as a means to measure customer satisfaction.

Capturing the attention of traffic moving both directions along route one is essential to enticing patrons into town, but aside from trying to revive the appearance of the highway coming into Bath from the south, having sufficient signage on display to attract passersby plays a huge role in luring tourists and commuters to consider making a stop into “Maine’s cool little city.” Although there are signs on display at end of the exit running south along the highway, the northbound side lacks a similar, noticeable list of shops and attractions, so I would like to work with the council and city departments to ensure drivers are feeling welcomed and informed from either direction they’re traveling along on route one.

Ensuring adequate parking is available in the commercial district, and making certain our roadways and sidewalks are in good repair, are critical components to keeping foot traffic heavy downtown as well. Leading me to my next point, which is to vote yes for the $2.8mm bond, on November’s ballot, that would fund our sidewalk, street and road improvements. With many of Bath’s sewage and drainage lines on public works agenda to be updated, approving the bond to reconstruct and repave our roadways is crucial to keeping up with other ongoing, closely related projects.

It seems the commercial district and roadway improvements/repairs have been my primary focal points during this election season; however, I am equally eager and passionate to support upcoming projects such as the construction of the new Morse High School, and the plans the Lavallee/Brensinger architects have designed to build a modernized, environmentally friendly structure and campus. Demanding a strict environmental standard be upheld as this site is developed is crucial at this moment in time, as this place of learning will be producing countless generations of future Bath business owners, teachers, lawyers, politicians and leaders in the community who will be responsible for protecting our city’s landscape, natural resources, history and heritage.


Gregory Page

Previous elected experience: One term on council

Candidate’s statement: I would like to thank the Times-Record for this opportunity. After serving my first term, the excitement and vitality of “Maine’s Cool Little City” has inspired me to continue serving.

Just to clarify, as Councilor, it is our duty to listen, which allows us to govern and respond to our constituents needs. There are several things that are on our schedule: the search for a new city manager – continuing to work with RSU 1 to make the path to a new Morse High School as smooth as possible – the arrival of recreational marijuana – a balance of affordable and market rate housing… These and many more will be addressed by the City Council. Decisions will be made, as a group, when presented with all the important information. You, as a citizen, will also have multiple opportunities to weigh in on these items.

I think it is important that I AM from Bath, have served on numerous committees, and always available to listen and discuss the matters at hand. There is a big learning curve for a new Councilor. One which I feel comfortable with and has allowed me to be more efficient and to get things done.

Also, there are several exciting developments on tap for us…. the successful completion of the viaduct (can you remember what it used to look like?), the Riverwalk project, an eventual, seasonal Amtrak stop in Bath, the new brew pub, and the soon to be finished Rec. Department pump track. I have the privilege to be on and chair the new facilities committee. It’s focus is to create a master plan for repair, replacement, or combining of use for all of Bath’s municipal buildings, facilities, and infrastructure. A big step to being proactive, instead of reactive.

Several people have mentioned to me the unique feeling of community spirit in Bath. It is unique and not normal most anywhere else, but it is here and sure feels great!

It is truly an honor to serve the people of Bath and to keep this “Maine’s Cool Little City of Ships” sailing in the right direction! With your vote, I can help keep those sails full!

Phyllis Bailey

Previous Elected Experience: Elected Town Meeting Member in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Candidate’s statement: I am committed to working for the well-being of Bath residents across the lifespan – from young families to older adults, by embedding livability for all ages in everything we do. What we do for one age typically benefits people of all ages; such as whether wide, safe sidewalks are used by parents with a stroller or older adults walking with friends.

Bath is a wonderful small city and issues ahead on the minds of Voters and myself include:

We need to hire a new city manager and I have seasoned experience hiring people who can work with creative collaborative teams while stimulating innovation. I will put those skills to use in the screening and hiring for our next city manager.

We need to continue to grow and strengthen our community infrastructure, especially our high performing police, fire and emergency response departments. The prompt and effective response of Bath’s police department made all the difference in my neighborhood when one rental building became a drug dealing site. I will work so that these professionals continue to get the training and tools needed to cope safely with challenges they face; whether the opioid epidemic or the daily speeders on city streets.

A planned traffic study in Bath’s South End and the need to write a new comprehensive plan for Bath offer real opportunities to shape our future. Let’s use the new traffic study to expand our options for improving walkability on our streets. I will also work to imbed concepts of livability for all ages in the next comprehensive plan so it offers a vision for housing options, safe neighborhoods, ‘complete streets’ and an infrastructure that builds on the quality of life we have.

As I walk door to door in Ward 1, I am excited by the number of young, new Bath residents I’ve talked to, who are moving here due to Bath’s affordability and quality of life. I hear their pride about repairs to old houses, and the new families they’ve started & want to raise here. It’s also been refreshing to meet many older adults who helped build today’s Bath and who want to age safely here. We have benefited from many retirees moving here with defined benefit pensions. Yet less than 22% of the current workforce will have pensions in the future as the middle class continues to be “hollowed out.” We need to prepare for a different economic future – it is not impossible, but it is not going to be “business as usual.”

These different age groups often talk about the same issues – whether speed on neighborhood streets, empty houses, tax equity or where children can safely play. In my career, I have learned that collaborative teams produce creative practical ideas when they listen instead of presuming the answers are already known. I am running because I have experience, creativity and common sense that will help us develop the practical answers we need for Bath’s future.


Susan Bauer

Previous elected experience: One term on council

Candidate’s statement: I am interested in addressing sustainability issues, specifically how to decrease garbage and where to put it.

I am also focused on how to keep property taxes from increasing every year. Bath has hard working people who need more opportunities. I am eager to work with City staff on continued development.

Al R. Ferguson, Jr.

Previous elected experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: 1. I believe my race for City Councilor of Ward 6 is to represent the needs of the residents of Ward 6.

2. I support the bond initiative for street improvements as long as it is not centralized to one area, but spread out to the residential areas of Bath.

3. I would like to see the bus in Bath run on Saturday’s so that people of fixed and low incomes can save cab fare and be able to enjoy the Farmers Market and other stores in downtown Bath. Also adding a van or bus to and from Bath to Brunswick would help in people shopping and in finding employment. I would also like to see the Downeaster come to Bath to bring in more tourism and possible help with the parking problems found in Bath.

4. Environmental protection is critical to overall health and the pollination population.

5. DO NOT support a change to the city charter. The charter should stand as is. I am sure that there are many people in Ward 6 and the City that are qualified to be City Manager.

6. I urge everyone to get out and VOTE. It is the best way to keep our Country and City the way our Founding Fathers wanted it.



Ruth Lyons

Previous elected experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: Traffic is becoming heavier and heavier on Rt. 196, Foreside Road, Main Street, Elm Street and others and we must address this.

The Town of Topsham always needs to evaluate their ordinances as so it does not impact the residents and businesses in a negative way. I think the Town has done a good job, but always need to tinker with it.

I would like to work on solutions in helping our elderly residence be able to stay in their homes because of expenses, such as property taxes they feel they have to sell their home that they have lived in for a lot of years.

We have a good working Board of Selectmen and I would like to see that continue. We have the best interest of the people at heart.

In working for the Town for 24 years I have loved the people the people of Topsham and really care about their concerns.

I want to see us manage growth and manage growth in the government.

John Graham

Previous elected experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: I have lived in Topsham’s Historical District with my wife Penninah and our four children for four years. I was raised on a small farm in Weld, Maine, where my parents were active members of the community and my father was a long time Town Selectman. I attended Mt. Blue High School in Farmington and received a B.A. in Rhetoric from Bates College in Lewiston.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I started a maple syrup farm in middle school and eventually built up to a 12,000 tap operation, producing 4000+ gallons of syrup a year! While I sold the farm a few years ago to spend more time with family, I still produce syrup every spring from the 200-year old maple in my back yard.

I currently own and operate a commercial real estate company based out of Topsham. I spend my free time maintaining our historical home and raising my family.

I look forward to serving as your Selectman and bringing the community’s voice to the Board.

Topsham’s character is based in our history, and I see the Green Bridge as a vital part of Topsham’s past and future. As Selectman, I will work to preserve our history and our character.

My kids walk to school everyday, and I am appalled by the conditions. We need lower speed limits in school zones, flashing signs, and better parking to ease congestion. We can do better.

Our sidewalks need to be cleared of snow and treated equally as our roads. If our roads are clear so should our sidewalks not days or weeks later.

Our town meetings are too rushed, and the actions of the Board are too opaque. I will push to make the meetings more inclusive and bring greater transparency to our local government.

Dave Douglass Jr.

Previous elected experience: Topsham Selectman 2011-Present

Candidate’s statement: Following the election on Nov. 7, I look forward to tackling several items over the next three years in Topsham. Some of these have already been set in motion during my current and previous terms, some of them are on the horizon and then there is always the unknown.

I see opportunities, great opportunities to meet the expectations of our future. Topsham, through hard work of staff, town committee’s and the Board of Selectman, is leading from the front. Our finances are solid, we have put plans in place to address all of our Capital Improvement needs without new bonding, our town facilities are new and working, our debt service is decreasing and we are able to increase our road maintenance yearly because of it, work is being done to improve the Topsham Fair Mall Watershed, new businesses are choosing Topsham and locating to our commercial district, our TIF’s have provided the financial benefits we anticipated and we enjoy living in a safe community.

This November I see the Board of Selectman beginning to address a final plan regarding retail marijuana outlets and commercial cultivation. I will not support retail marijuana and commercial cultivation in Topsham under the current proposed law, unless the law allows for municipalities to impose their own sales tax. Under the proposed law, the state will be providing “Revenue Sharing” of the excise tax collected in that municipality on retail marijuana sales or in the case of commercial cultivation evenly splitting the excise taxes with each participating municipality. I do not have faith in the state not changing the proposed amount of Revenue Sharing from year to year, leaving local taxpayers to pick-up the costs. I addressed this concern personally to a Joint Committee in Augusta this past September and to our State Representative.

Lastly, I know the town of Topsham has been getting the most out of our staff. Two examples; the Parks and Rec Director oversees our computer systems and the Town Manager performs the duty of HR Director. All of these and others performing additional duties have served the town exceptionally well following the recession but the time has come to where we are stretching staff to less productive levels performing non-core functions. We have discussed and are formulating plans to address the amount of staff performing additional duties. Once implemented it will allow them to focus on the work the community expects of them and their departments. I want to see this through.

The next three years will set the foundation for the next 10-12 years in Topsham and I am qualified, ready and excited at the opportunity to be a part of it.



Lindsay Sterling

Previous elected experience: RSU5 board 2014-2017.

Candidate’s statement: During my three-year term we’ve made a lot of progress as a district. We renovated Freeport High School, created the Joan Benoit Samuelson Track and Field, improved our high school ranking to 5th best high school in the state (U.S. News and World Report), overhauled the special education program, improved our math curriculum for grades 6-12, improved our school lunch program, made pre-k programs available in all three towns, vastly improved communications including a new website, and passed 3 cost effective budgets. I’m inspired and energized by all this progress, and would like to continue working for another term as an elected leader on the board.

If elected, I’ll continue to support and celebrate all the great learning and enrichment going on in our district, while working to improve in areas where we can do better. We’ve invested in curriculum and teacher-training in reading and writing over the last decade, and I’m thrilled to see those efforts and investments paying off. Now it’s time to bring the same kind of district-wide effort to improve our students’ math and science performance.

We’ve been working on differentiating learning in the classroom – providing a rich learning atmosphere for students with various strengths and needs in a classroom. We’ve been purchasing curriculum that help teachers provide lessons and materials for a diverse range of learning styles. I think we can improve more and will continue to advocate that we provide teachers with the time, training, and resources they need to engage and inspire students at all levels and with different learning styles. If we are going to succeed at that, I think we have to continue to work to keep class sizes down so that teachers have to the capacity to relate to students as individuals with different needs and abilities within the group setting.

Outside of the school board, I run Immigrant Kitchens, an online cookbook and cooking class series that shares recipes and stories from people from around the world. As the recipient of many firsthand stories about life in some 90 other countries, I have been frequently reminded that education for all is the heart of a healthy democracy and civil society. Every morning when I see the buses taking our kids to schools that I know are safe and full of caring, professional staff guiding our children to become productive, respectful, engaged citizens, I feel a lump in my throat. I am grateful every day that we as a community can all work together to accomplish this: a great education for all. It’s been an honor to work on the school board. I look forward to three more years of celebrating our successes and making more progress.

Tiffany Jones

Previous elected experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: I have been a teacher in the public school system for the past 13 years. I have my master’s degree in Educational Technology and I am currently teaching Technology at St. John’s Catholic School in Brunswick. I believe that this experience can add a great deal of value to the school board. As a current educator I have first hand experience with the teacher evaluation process and proficiency based report cards, two items that have a great impact on our teachers in our district and therefore a great effect on our students. I have two children both enrolled in the school system, one 5 year old daughter in Morse St. School and a 10 year old son at Mast Landing. As a parent, I am thoroughly invested in our system. I feel as though our school system is strong and we are taking steps to make it stronger. I think we could add foreign language into our system at a younger age, offering language as knowledge of language is developing. I also look forward to finding ways that our RSU can collaborate more to strengthen our community as a whole. Finally, I feel strongly about creating consistent policies that work for all, such as teacher to student ratio. We are a great, diverse, intelligent, enthusiastic and strong community, our School Board should represent us all, not just the voice of a few. That is why I am running for RSU 5 School Board.

Maddy Vertenten

Previous elected experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: I will continually stand for a safe, tolerant and respectful learning environment for all children; clear, consistent and authentic communication between myself, the board, and all RSU5 residents; building collaborative relationships – bringing disparate people together; promoting a culture of community engagement and modeling that behavior; and championing our RSU5 public schools.



Graham Buck

Previous elected experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: Bowdoinham is a town that, being well established and well run, finds itself on the cusp of a new future. New residents are flocking to our little slice of paradise by the river because of our proximity wonderful natural resources, ease of travel to major metropolitan areas, and our rural, small-town way of life.

Bowdoinham is a beautiful, growing town that is also quite diverse. We have the highest median household income level in Sagadahoc County (~$82k), but also one of the highest percentage rates poverty (18.3%). It’s my passion to make sure that as Bowdoinham grows and develops we make it a place for all residents to thrive. That we grow as Bowdoinham, not into many different Bowdoinhams.

To that end, I would like to make sure that as we move forward with our Comprehensive Plan, we make sure that all of our residents have a seat at the table. I would like to see more community discussions such as the two recent examples from the Bowdoinham Community Development Initiative, where residents not only have a voice to express their hopes and dreams for their community, but are also given resources, networks, and authority to bring about those dreams.

Desire has been expressed for, and I am in full support of, a community center. As well, for a place such as a coffee shop and/or beer hall where we could gather together casually (and not have to travel to a surround town to do so). I would also love to see us be able to extend the wonderful work of the Bowdoinham Food Pantry with a mobile distribution unit. In addition, while I believe Bowdoinham is well run, it is always important to continually seek systems efficiencies and best practices.

Moreover, I believe that the time is coming for a new generation of residents to take their places in town governance. A major, growing part of our population is families with young children. Being in this particular demographic, I feel as if it is part of my civic duty to be a voice for these families. We want to know that our town will be well positioned for the future and that the Bowdoinham way of life that we’ve come to love will not disappear.

While I believe that any of the three candidates running would a fine choice for our town, a vote for me is a vote for the future of Bowdoinham. Lord willing, I have another 50+ years living in this town and I desire to be heavily vested in seeing all of us live and grow to our full potential as a town and a people.

Judith Gray

Previous elected experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: Taxes: well, when we talk about tax dollars that support the town, we’re talking about property taxes, and property taxes aren’t based on a family’s ability to pay. So I think we ought to be very thoughtful about how we assess and then spend those tax dollars. I think we should focus on necessities and skip “wouldn’t it be great to have.”

I’m gonna guess everybody thinks we need and they’d like to have an efficient, responsive fire department. I sure do. I believe in free public libraries, and I’m a strong believer in a good public school education, paid for by all the people and available to all kids. The thing that blew me away when I moved here was that Bowdoinham built its own school! The fire department and its auxiliary raised most of their own budget and there were plenty of volunteers. Our library has been largely supported by the Friends Plant Sale.

I mention these because times change and we may soon need to look at paying with tax dollars for some of the institutions which were once supported by a good hearted community. These are things which I would prioritize. There are many other local institutions and projects which I may choose to support as a private citizen, but for which I think it unfair to expect struggling taxpayers to pay.

One more thing I’ll mention. When it comes to TIF and grant and other “free” money, I’m a skeptic. Sometimes it seems as though the thought process is, “We’ve got the money, how can we spend it?” I want to look the gift horse in the mouth and see if there’s dental work down the road in the form of upkeep and new expenses.

Anyway, I’ve given the possibility of running some fairly serious thought and decided I might have something helpful to offer. I’m curious about a wide range of ideas and topics and I usually manage to keep my mouth shut until I’ve gotten a fair idea of what’s really going on. I read, I ask questions, I listen, I socialize and I mull things over. I have a sense of humor about myself, enough common sense to get by, and a pretty calm temperament. If I am elected, I would try to rein in the involvement of town government and town taxes in some of the more exuberant ideas implicit in making Bowdoinham “just like it is, only better.”

Peter Lewis

Previous elected experience: Three-year term on Select Board.

Candidate’s statement: The most urgent issue to be dealt with in the coming year, in my opinion, is the handling of the Legalization of Retail Marijuana and Marijuana Social Clubs. With the State moratorium due to Expire early in 2018, and the Bowdoinham moratorium due to expire soon thereafter, it is important for the Bowdoinham Select Board to work closely with the Bowdoinham Planning Board to develop ordinances that honor the will of the people’s referendum while keeping our community, local citizens and local youth safe. Absent legislation from the State Legislature it will be important to continue the moratorium at the municipal level until the State decides to implement statutes enacting what voters decided on over a year ago.



Richard Nadeau

Previous elected experience: Ten years on the Lisbob School Committee

Candidate’s statement: I’m a lifetime resident and have been retired for five years. It takes about four to five years before you really know what you’re doing on the board. I have the experience — 10 years beginning in ’87.

When I visited the school, all I saw was “go to college.” What about those students that want to go to CMMC. We’re still pushing these kids through without giving them what they need. That’s what I’m interested in. I’m interested in all the kids. Mathematicians can’t lay bricks. We need brick layers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers. Sixty percent of people with college degrees never use them. They just have a big debt over $100,000 and more and I think we need to do more for these people. I’m interested in all those kids, regardless of where they’re going — college, business college or elsewhere.

I want to challenge my opponents to make Lisbon No. 1 in the state, when it is presently 22nd in the state. Why 22nd when we should be No. 1 in the state? We’re going to have to have meetings and talk this out. We need to bring professionals in, we need to bring the townspeople in and we need to be open to ideas. Even if they mail them in, we need to do something. We’re not doing enough. The state’s not doing enough on this. Some students drop out and if they drop out, it’s going to cost us more but if we could keep them in school, we’re going to save money. They’re not on welfare and this and other things. We need to do this, it needs to get done.

I’m not faulting anybody. We’re just pushing it back to the back burner. It needs to be a top priority if anything. Just like the kids, top priority. We need support groups in the school, when someone is going to drop out, first we need maybe retired teachers on the outside to try to talk to these kids, keep them in, maybe people in business, maybe even their parents, to see if they can get their kids to stay in school.

I want to work with the kids, all of them — those going to college, business school and those who want to go into the trades, and see what I can do. I’ve got the experience. I can give.

Kimberly Labbe-Poisson

Previous elected experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: Lisbon is a small school community that has worked diligently over the years to provide students with a steadfast education. The school community appears to be moving forward with changes (e.g., restorative practices) and I want to help continue with this progression. Having been part of the Lisbon school community for the past two years I have recognized some areas that continue to need enhancements. The three areas that I would like to address if elected would be: 1) refining the bullying and cyber-bullying curriculum at the elementary and middle school, 2) increasing mental health supports in the middle and high school, and 3) staffing a fulltime social studies teacher at the high school.

The first issue that I would like to address is the bullying and cyber-bullying curriculum being used by the elementary and middle school. I would begin this process by getting feedback from teachers, parents, and students by way of surveys to acquire their perspective on the issues. With that data I would like to see both the elementary and middle schools adopt an evidence-based program that would best address the needs that the surveys elicited. Once an appropriate curriculum is adopted it would require staff training and ongoing staff development for the teachers and other professionals who work with students.

Another area that I would like to address is the mental health supports at the middle and secondary school level. There are many students who are underserved in this area. This may be in part due to lack of awareness, given that internalizing behaviors such as depression and anxiety are not always evident. But it is also likely that there are limited resources available. With only one school counselor in the middle school and two guidance counselors at the high school it may be limiting what they are able to do in a given day. Providing weekly individualized counseling services to students with depression and/or anxiety can be time consuming for school counselors. That being said, one way to address this issue may be to contract with an outside agency to provide mental health supports to students. This is a typical practice in many of the surrounding schools.

With regard to the social studies department at the high school level: Lisbon High School only requires 2 years of Social Studies in order to graduate. When looking at nearly all the surrounding high schools, they require 3 to 4 years of social studies in order to graduate. I would like to address this problem by hiring a full-time social studies teacher. Lisbon High School had a full-time social studies teacher position prior to 2009 and I would like to bring this full-time position back. This will be beneficial for our students so their knowledge in social studies is not seen as restrictive when applying for postsecondary education.

If elected to the School Committee I would put forth great effort to make the above changes and continue to move Lisbon’s schools in a positive direction.

Ross Cunningham

Previous elected experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: I believe our school system is doing a fantastic job preparing our students. I’d like to continue to execute the established plan and bring some fresh perspective to the committee. Additionally, I would like to work with the music and drama department, and interested community members, to see our former gymnasium become a Performing Arts Center worthy of these two high-quality departments.

I believe with a balanced focus, graduates from the Lisbon school system can be proficient in a variety of areas of interest, and prepared for their next adventure.


Arthur McLean (did not return questionnaire)

Roger Bickford

Previous elected experience: Six years Town Councilor

Candidate’s statement: I would like to connect Lisbon and Lewiston Water Supply. Unforeseen circumstances contamination of Lisbon water supply (maine research) we should get Grants for this purpose. New Stand Pipe or Water Tower, the two we have are aging and hard to keep level due to the difference in height. I would like to help our long time employee’s once they are 62 I would like to help with health Ins. until 65.

Keep a sharp eye on our aging intro-structure. I believe I have Lisbon’s best interest at heart and can do a great job for my town.



Jim Gabor

Previous elected experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: My family has resided in Woolwich since 1992 where we raised two children who attended our local public schools and were enriched by our wonderful community.

I have a good ability to communicate and fairly represent all the people of this town, young and old. I also have great optimism and positive attitude towards what can be accomplished as the town grows and faces new challenges. As a Navy veteran, I am very accustomed to working as a contributing member of a team, working towards the same goals. I hope to be a new voice on the Board that will look at the future needs of our small town and help organize and plan for its inevitable and efficient growth. I am at a point in my life where I have the time and earnest interest to give back to the community. If elected, I am action oriented and will work hard for you.

First, Woolwich is a wonderful rural community; a place where my wife and I have put down roots and call home. As such, the Select Board needs to understand and be prepared to deal with expected growth. According to the Governor’s Office of Policy and Management, Maine Population Outlook to 2034, (Nov 2016), “Sagadahoc County has the highest proportion of growth cities/towns: 90 percent are projected to grow.” In my past DoD Federal position, I was tasked with looking at new Navy capabilities and determining innovative ways to employ them thus I am a good listener, planner, and communicator. As a Select Board member, I will serve the people of this town; I intend to listen to those who have a long Woolwich history as well as the new arrivals, and understand and take action on their common vision, interests, and concerns.

Secondly, I believe that our center of town needs attention. It is a center for small business and our post office. As visitors enter from the South, they should know they are entering Woolwich and that we are proud of our town. For example, with the persistent urging from the neighbors on Ferry/Tallman Roads the Town recently arranged to have the pedestrian underpass near our Veterans Memorial repainted to remove the vulgar graffiti that covered the walls. This has been a common and unfortunate problem for years that needs a sustainable, long term maintenance solution.

Third, as a Planning Board alternate member, I have read our current Planning Ordinance and associated town governing documents. Frankly, they are in need of much update. Why? Simply so there are clear and fair standards that are up-to-date and meet the needs of everyone in the community. They are the town’s foundation. This is a necessary administrative effort focused on the town’s current and future interests.

Finally, as a Board, we need to cautiously and conservatively address our town’s financial needs to provide for our community, effectively supporting our children and important school requirements.

Allison Hepler

Previous elected experience: Served two terms on the Woolwich selectboard

Candidate’s statement: I have no real agenda as a candidate, other than to continue to be accessible and to be responsive to residents, to listen to everyone, and to keep in mind the financial implications of each decision on taxpayers. I’m also fortunate to work with such talented peers, not only the other selectboard members but also the Town staff and fire and safety personnel who serve the Town. Frankly, it’s an honor for me to serve the Town in this way.

At the same time, I bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to tackle each issue as it comes up and dive right into it, whether it’s trash, solar energy, bridge repairs, or anything else. Learning new things is one of my favorite parts of this job. The other, equally important, part is working with the variety of townspeople and business people.

I take the job of select person very seriously. It’s a big responsibility balancing the various needs of the Town and being a steward of taxpayer dollars. In the past 6 years, it hasn’t always been easy but I’ve learned how to do that pretty well, and proud of our efforts.

I’m a big believer in communication and one of the things I’m most proud of is helping to create a Communications Committee to help improve the exchange of news and ideas. It’s a committee of volunteers who oversee the cable television system, the Town web site, Facebook, and a new “invention” for the Town, a Town newsletter that we produce in-house and put out three times a year.

Another issue I’ve begun pursuing is making sure we are an age-friendly community. Like many Towns, Woolwich is getting older, and I am interested in addressing the needs of older citizens. The Town can be a clearinghouse for resources that people need, such as access to information on transportation, home heating, and food insecurity.

I teach history at the University of Maine at Farmington. When my co-workers learn where I live, eyebrows go up. I tell them I love my job and I love where I live. It’s a small town that has both the traditional – the annual Town Meeting, Veterans Day ceremony, Woolwich Day, the return of the alewives – I love that as a historian – and the modern and new. Woolwich is also a mix of oldtimers and new folks, residents young and old. I am lucky to live here.

Jason Shaw

Previous elected experience: Selectboard 2012-present

Candidate’s statement: I love Woolwich. My family has deep roots in the Town. I’m part of the third generation of a family excavating business, Jack Shaw and Sons, which has been operating in Woolwich since 1949. I’m currently the Treasurer/ General Manager.

On the selectboard, I bring a common sense approach to issues, and have the time to devote to them. The Town is very diverse and it’s important to represent all the different facets. I’m very accessible and good at following up with concerns as they arise. Because I like to think I can see the whole picture, I’m willing to ask questions and suggest reasonable solutions. I’m a problem-solver at heart, and a good communicator and consensus-builder.

During my first two terms on the selectboard, I’ve been known to say, “There’s what we want, what we need and what we can afford.” It’s about balancing these elements within the Town, often on a day-to-day basis, such as dealing with different department heads, selling Townowned property, and issues from residents There are also many things the Town doesn’t have much control over, such as the County and RSU budgets, but what I try to do is provide information so that residents can make an educated decision. And we also provide input to the County, the RSU, and even the state legislature so they hear feedback from the local level. The annual budget is always important and takes thoughtful consideration. Annual Town Meeting is where the important decisions get made.

Being fiscally responsible and representing the people are very important to me. Every decision we make has an impact on taxpayers and I take that role very seriously. I also think Woolwich has a lot to offer and I’ve been active in planning Woolwich Day and maintaining the old Nequasset Meetinghouse.

Hopefully the work I’ve done on the selectboard for the past six years, as well as my prior service on the Planning Board and other regional transportation boards, has given voters some confidence in my actions. I think we have a well-balanced board and every selectboard member brings their own unique talents, and I truly enjoy being part of that team.

West Bath


Marc Travis (did not return questionnaire)

Kathleen Lavallee (did not return questionnaire)


Robert McDaniel

Previous elected experience: School board incumbent

Candidate’s statement: I am Bob McDaniel and I have been pleased to serve on the school board since I was elected 2 1/2 years ago.

I have a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame and a Ph.D. In Organic Chemistry from the University of Missouri at Rolla.

After serving as a Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Chicago, I began working in the chemical industry where I served as a Research Manager for some 25 years.

I went through many company/ corporate takeovers and was moved with my family literally from coast to coast. After the last move, tiring of the turmoil both personal and professional, I recreated myself as a teacher. I taught Math and both Physical and Life Sciences in grades 8 through 12. During that time I also worked as a College Board Consultant offering Teacher Workshops in AP Chemistry and Pre-AP Science. After 12 years as a teacher, my wife and I retired and moved to West Bath to be with our son who has been a Mainer for many years.

I have been pleased to serve on the West Bath School Board for nearly 3 years giving something back to our community and drawing on my professional experience as a teacher and business manager. I have been a staunch supporter of Expeditionary Learning and an advocate of preparing students to be lifelong learners. Based on my experience and that of my students I know it is essential today to be able to recreate your professional being throughout your life. Personally, at age 65 I fulfilled a long time goal. I studied for and passed the United States Patent Bar (becoming a Patent Agent.)

I have been pleased to see the impact of the Chewonki Program and the Boat Building Program at the Maine Maritime Museum. These programs not only expose our students to completely new skill sets but also generate an excitement and commitment to learning.

Many challenges of the School Board included drawing up initial budgets with incomplete information from RSU 1 and balancing up to date facilities in a way that makes financial sense for the community and its members.

Richard Davis

Previous elected experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: As a member of the community and a parent with a child at West Bath School, I honestly like the status quo. I understand that the school is overcrowded and it is beginning to show its age. Having the art class in the gymnasium/ cafeteria is hard. The staff is continuously finding any space available for clubs, music and more. I would like to see an addition, allowing for more room for teachers, students and administration. Like I said earlier, I like the status quo. We have an amazing group of teachers. We need to keep these educators, in our school. Expeditionary learning is a gem in itself. We need to keep the many programs available outside of school, boat building at the Maritime Museum, field trips and more. West Bath School is a wonderful place. A place I’m proud to have in our community.

Mary Wallace

Previous elected experience: N/A

Candidate’s statement: I think the West Bath school is already an amazing place. I approve of the work that the school board has done since West Bath withdrew from RSU 1. I believe that it is important to offer the best programs and experiences that we can to our students, but to also keep the budget in mind. I worked at the school for the past three years, and all four of my daughters attend there currently. This gives me a unique insight that can be beneficial to our town.

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