On Nov. 3, the Trump administration released a comprehensive scientific report that concluded that human activity is the primary contributor to climate change, saying there is “no convincing alternative explanation.”

This is quite comical, considering this directly contradicts the stance taken by President Trump and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, who have rejected climate science and even taken steps to censor scientists at the EPA.

While Trump and his polluter cronies might think it feasible to deny the dangers of climate change, to the families impacted by the slew of hurricanes this year, as well as the wildfires that spread throughout the western U.S., this is not something we can afford to ignore.

Dismantling existing climate change protections means more sick kids, more expensive hospital visits and thousands more premature deaths – deaths, mind you, that could have been prevented. Not only that, it can and will lead to countless more dangerous extreme weather events.

How high are we willing to let this death toll become before we address it with serious action? Instead of repealing the protections we already have in place, we should be focused on putting forth more science-based solutions. Solutions that will be good for everyone, not just the dirty-energy insiders who profit off the continued destruction of our planet.

Jessica Shvakhman