Despite the vote of a majority of Mainers to expand access to health care, Sen. Susan Collins decided to support a bill that will obstruct access to health care.

What reasons does she give? Oh, she got letters of assurance from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan, stating that they would not cut Medicare. Letters that depend on their being re-elected? And honoring whatever they think they might have said when they thought the bill might take a particular form?

In the summer of 2016, Sen. Collins bravely stood up against the “Trump train” and publicly opposed his election in a column in The Washington Post. Many other Republicans announced their opposition, but Collins was one of the most senior and visible elected officials to do so. To her credit, she took a firm stance and became a thorn in the side of President Trump.

One can’t help but wonder what Collins received in return for entering this devil’s bargain with Trump. Likely she will move higher in Trump circles and have more opportunity on a personal level.

I’m disappointed at her sellout of those who elected her to represent Maine, not her own interests.

Tim Sprague