Sen. Susan Collins refuses to acknowledge the findings of the Joint Committee on Taxation, the Tax Foundation, the Tax Policy Center, The Economist and the Penn-Wharton Budget Model, all of which find a devastating effect of both the House and Senate tax legislation on the national debt. Each of these institutions – nonpartisan, leaning Republican or leaning Democratic – has debunked the claim that rising tax revenues will pay for the cuts.

It is hard to believe that a senator who claims to be devoted to factual research as a basis for her votes in Congress could support this disingenuous effort by her party to transfer additional wealth from those who struggle to those who are doing well.

Beyond the transfer of wealth and the prospect of a massive hole in the budget, the legislation would lead to the loss of health insurance for 50,000 Mainers.

It has become clear that Sen. Collins has moved from protecting the interests of the average Mainer to soliciting in favor of her large, wealthy donors. I had thought our senator was better than that.

William Coogan