I have been a parishioner at St. Maximilian Kolbe in Scarborough for 18 years. I couldn’t care less if Monsignor Michael Henchal – a retired guy in his late 60s – struck up a consensual relationship with a woman more or less his age (Dec. 4, Page A1). I can’t imagine the Almighty is that put out, either.

As for the indignation from Bishop Robert Deeley and other church leaders, we could have used it when his colleagues shuffled one pederast after another from parish to parish, ruining untold lives along the way. I don’t remember hearing very much from him about the child rape epidemic – an actual scandal.

With those wounds still very raw, perhaps His Excellency could spare us his opinion as to whether two people who love one another should share their golden years. He should go back to solving more critical church problems, like changing “and also with you” to “and with your spirit.”

Mark Murphy