The recent passage of tax cuts has Democrats and activists arguing that tax cuts will only help the wealthy.

Don’t believe the negative spin. Under the House plan, small and family-owned businesses stand to keep far more of their profits. The top small-business rate would drop from 40 to 25 percent. For very small businesses, the rate would drop from 15 to 9 percent.

Considering that a whopping 99.3 percent of Maine businesses qualify as small businesses, a significant number of people stand to benefit. As a small business owner in Maine, I can’t overstate how badly we need these tax reductions.

And, it’s not just business owners who will reap the reward of lower taxes. According to a recent poll by the Job Creators Network, an organization whose mission is to hold politicians accountable to the country’s job creators, most small business owners would reinvest tax cut savings back into their businesses with wage increases, new hiring and expansion. Economic evidence supports the idea that business tax cuts mean America gets a raise.

Extensive tax savings could be enough so families can take a much-needed vacation (perhaps in our area) or save for college tuition. That’s real money in the hands of the middle-class working Americans who drive our economy, as well as our future. Washington must do what’s right for our country and push these tax cuts over the finish line now.

Rich Cebra

Republican state representative Naples