BIDDEFORD — The Chief Executive Officer of BachDish Inc. has announced the construction of a new restaurant to be located in Biddeford.

Me-Sa “John” Ginny said in a press release on Friday that following seven rounds of fundraising with venture capitalists, he is going to open a new family restaurant called The Kitchen Inc. in the city.

Ginny said the restaurant will be built at 22 West Cole Road in Biddeford and will include 2,432 square feet of space.

“We looked all over and felt this was the best community for our location,” Ginny said. “The prices will be affordable, but luxury cuisine, of traditional Japanese and American dishes including a sushi bar for instance, along with my personal favorite, french fries.”

BachDish Inc. is a company that produces fine china and is named after Ginny’s favorite composer, Johann Sebastian Bach.

According to Ginny, the restaurant’s staff will be made up entirely of men.


“I am proud to say that this is finally the start of a true woman’s revolution within the United States,” he said. “As the son of an immigrant woman, who came to the United States from Japan, and worked hard at being a cook for over 20 years to provide for her sons, I am excited to finally be able to give back to women.

“Finally, they will get to sit back and relax, allowing men to do all the work for them,” Ginny said. “I especially look forward to treating our lovely, married ladies to free dining during Mother’s Day, as well as our special all-you-can-eat buffet for single ladies, on Valentine’s Day.”

He said he expects the new restaurant to open June 4, 2019.

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