The political cartoon by Steve Meyers in the Dec. 17 Maine Sunday Telegram (Page D2) dealt with the hidden trauma of post-traumatic stress disorder. Whether wounded physically or mentally, through a near miss, it is a very real problem for lots of combat veterans.

Many of us, including myself, a Navy Korean War combat veteran, did not experience activities that would cause this kind of trauma. It was not until I read the book “Shooting Ghosts,” co-authored by a U.S. Marine and a combat photographer describing their journey back from war, that I really understood PTSD.

I hope that any who questions it and/or those experiencing PTSD will read this memoir. There are many from all wars who are still mentally affected by the horrors they experienced. This true story could be an aid to understanding and hopefully a guide to help to all: veterans, their families and their providers of care. It is a hidden wound, apparently very much misunderstood.

Amory Houghton


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