I just cannot get over the fact that so many weather forecasters go out into the most severe weather conditions to please their audiences. Be it on the national or state levels, they all follow the same approach as national weather newscasters, standing in blizzards and hurricanes or riding in a vehicle with a seat belt on during blizzard conditions. How can all three local TV station presidents make these young people do this? Sorry, ratings are more important than employee safety.

Look, they can stand inside a building or under a covered roof to avoid exposing the reporter or camera person. In fact, every reporter I have seen over the years stands with their back to oncoming traffic. So they could not see an out-of-control vehicle coming.

Now, I would ask this: How can any of these reporters explain to their children, or any other young child, that going out into this weather is a good thing to do? Would they? If not, why do it?

If standing out there is what you have to do to hold on to your job, tell your bosses to suck it up and get out there with you.

Bill Perreault