Hardly anyone notices government doing a good job – we all want to point out when government is “in the way.”

However, it was remarkable how quickly the Maine DOT and local public works crews were able to handle the blizzard conditions of Christmas Day. The drive to my holiday gathering was only a few miles – Freeport to Scarborough. At noon on the 25th, the storm was peaking and road conditions were deteriorating quickly because of the heavy snowfall.

Plows were out, probably since way before dawn, doing a great job of keeping roads open. Upon my return home that evening, the highway was clear, wet blacktop – as safe as any day in October or May. Well done, road crews!

How fortunate we are that even during a dramatic shortage of personnel, and on the one morning when most of us were happy to be in our own homes, the drivers for MDOT and local public works teams were doing their jobs very well. Hopefully I am not the only one noticing.

John Egan