BRATTLEBORO, Vt. — “Who wouldn’t love to get puppies for Valentine’s Day?” Marianne Monoc, the development director at Windham County Humane Society, asked.

Windham County Humane Society is trying something new this Valentine’s Day. In Vernon, Newfane, Dummerston and Brattleboro, loved ones can send each other puppies.

Each one will carry a little backpack with Lake Champlain Chocolates and a personalized card inside. Each puppy will have a handler and delivery person with them, Monoc said. For 30 minutes people can cuddle, play and hang out with a puppy. The puppies are all adoptable.

Originally the deliveries were only going to be made in Brattleboro, Monoc said. But once the Humane Society announced the event on Facebook, a flood of enthusiasm followed. Monoc said the Humane Society decided to expand the program to meet demand.

Each puppygram will cost $50 and the proceeds will go to the Humane Society

Monoc hopes the puppygrams will encourage more people to volunteer, donate or just stop in to check out the Humane Society.

She thinks the concept itself is pretty cool. Though she works with animals she’d still “totally love to receive a puppygram.” She also said she’d be sending puppygrams to her loved ones and that some volunteers might get some as a thank you.

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