The recent, excellent article by Staff Writer Kelley Bouchard (“Portland, South Portland plan to fight against climate change,” March 4) made it clear what the future holds for Portland Harbor.

Of the two cities, however, South Portland deserves the most credit for attempting to limit the effects of climate change. They have taken on the petroleum industry and the industry’s desire to burn every last drop of Canadian tar sands oil. If the Portland Pipe Line Corp. wins its lawsuit against the city of South Portland, the effort of both cities to limit carbon emissions will be for naught. Every tanker of crude oil that leaves South Portland will drive another nail into the coffin of Portland Harbor. At that point, it will definitely be “game over.”

So, it’s time that Portland and the surrounding communities begin to give verbal and financial support to South Portland. They all benefit from the draw that Portland Harbor is to this region. By continuing to ignore the importance of this fight, they are complicit in the eventual destruction of Portland as we know it.

Tom Mikulka

Elders for Future Generations ( Cape Elizabeth

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