The far-right-wing Sinclair Broadcast Group now owns or operates about 200 local television stations throughout the country, including WGME in Portland.

Sinclair is now forcing its news anchors to broadcast its anti-media “fake stories” propaganda, a favorite catchphrase of Donald Trump. It is reported that local anchors must either read these segments on air or risk losing their jobs. This is happening across the country.

Join me in sending a clear message to WGME and its sponsors that this propaganda will not be tolerated. It is dangerous to our democracy and must be publicly repudiated.

Voice your opposition by boycotting WGME and its advertisers. It’s bad enough that Fox News spews this garbage, but to have it trickle down to Maine’s local station is truly disturbing. The Maine I know and love is better than this.

And to WGME: Take a stand and show some integrity. It’s your job to bring unbiased news to your viewers.

Kathryn Baker