Bill Sutter’s April 3 Maine Voices column, about Wiscasset’s lawsuit against the Maine Department of Transportation, used words and phrases regarding the MDOT that alarmed me: “hoodwinked,” “bait and switch,” “reneged,” “doctored … reports,” “broke promises,” “sly,” “bullied,” “deceived,” “Pandora’s box” and “under siege.”

I am a Wiscasset voter. I do not have money to influence – I do have my vote. I cast my ballot, with the overwhelming majority of those who voted, for Option 2 (to upgrade sidewalks and remove parking on Main Street). I voted with businesses in mind, and the region’s needs. Option 2 gave the best option for both.

MDOT worked closely with our town to choose the options. They fairly and respectfully represented the options to the public. They were honest in their preference of Option 2. With over 25 meetings, they’ve acted professionally, legally and with patience. The changes that have been made (e.g., state funding) have been within the scope of what the voters approved. In the current lawsuit, the MDOT offered a settlement to go before all our ordinance boards. The town rejected this offer. You can call MDOT “shady” or say they’ve “deceived” or “hoodwinked” us – but that is far from the truth.

The problem has not been MDOT. Rather, the people who did not want Option 2, who apparently can influence Wiscasset leaders, chose to fight my vote at all costs. They want parking on Route 1. They’re afraid of the changes this project might bring. I understand their concerns, but disregarding the people’s vote with a lawsuit is not the way forward. I feel bullied by these opponents who seem only content to get their way.

This town, this region, will benefit from the project that MDOT proposed and voters like me approved. We need to vote “no” on April 17. The coast of Maine deserves a Wiscasset that finally stops holding up change.

Will Truesdell