Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress for a second day Wednesday. Here’s what the four members of Maine’s congressional delegation had to say when asked whether the federal government should regulate Facebook and other social media platforms:

Sen. Susan Collins (Republican): “I hope that Facebook and other platforms will work with Congress so that we can improve the regulatory framework in a way that will not stifle innovation and will allow people to continue to enjoy the connectivity that is available through social media.”

Sen. Angus King (independent): “(Mark Zuckerberg’s) time on Capitol Hill must be the beginning of a process rather than the end of one, as Congress and Silicon Valley must now work together to find a balanced approach that protects the revolutionary potential of the internet while defending our nation from those who would attack our democratic processes and ensuring the security of users’ private information.”

Rep. Chellie Pingree (1st District, Democrat): “Facebook’s explosive growth has far outpaced Mr. Zuckerberg’s ability both to protect users’ privacy and to keep the platform from being used to undermine our democratic process. I echo my House and Senate colleagues who have said Facebook and other similar platforms may no longer be able to regulate themselves. As legislative options to provide greater oversight emerge, I will be giving them careful consideration.”

Rep. Bruce Poliquin (2nd District, Republican), via spokesman Brendan Conley: “Congressman Poliquin finds the abuse of unsuspecting customers’ data by Facebook very concerning. Consumers should have information about the products they buy or use, and, in this case, the personal data that’s used and collected when they use programs like Facebook. Any proposals for regulations will need to be evaluated individually.”