Jill Duson is running for the Maine Senate and, if elected, will continue to serve on the Portland City Council. That is great news for Portland and Westbrook (the communities in Senate District 28) for at least three reasons: 1) information; 2) communication; and 3) discussion.

First, because of her position, she will bring an informed voice about the local consequences of issues proposed in Augusta that will affect our cities directly.

Second, she will be able to access her direct line of communication with the officeholders at the local level. She will be able to inform her local officials as well as her colleagues in the Senate.

And, third, she will be in a position to bring the discussion of local impact directly to the lawmakers in Augusta in a timely manner, not after the fact.

Please join me in supporting Jill Duson in the Democratic primary June 12.

Anne Haskell

former Democratic state senator


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