As I sit to write this letter of recommendation for Jill Duson, my thoughts are about what makes a great state senator. What are the traits that are important to me as a constituent? How do I know if this person will do a good job?

First is experience. While a lot of holding public office involves “on-the-job training,” it is good to have experience as an elected official. As a two-time former mayor, with 14 years of experience as a Portland city councilor, Jill Duson has that experience.

Second is passion for helping people and doing what’s right. Jill’s work for the Maine Human Rights Commission and Maine Bureau of Rehabilitation Services has given her firsthand knowledge of what Maine people need.

Finally, I have been witness to many political campaigns, and I have never seen anyone work harder than Jill. She wants to be our state senator because she knows she will do a good job, and I know it, too.

Join me in voting for Jill Duson for Maine Senate District 28 in the June 12 Democratic primary.

Sue Salisbury


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