In August 2016, my husband and I decided to move from Florida and return to Maine, the state where I was born and raised. That year, Forbes magazine released an article about the best and the worst states for business. In that article, they ranked West Virginia as the worst state for business, behind Alaska, Mississippi and Maine! Being self-employed, my husband and I were greatly concerned. Nevertheless, family, culture and the people of Maine drew us back home.

I recently heard Democratic candidate for governor Adam Cote speak at a Rotary meeting. I was impressed. He knows Maine and recognizes our challenges. Adam understands Maine’s strengths and, more importantly, Maine’s opportunities. He has a proven record of fighting – and winning. He won’t back down, make excuses or compromise his values. He is sincere.

After hearing Adam speak, I changed my party affiliation so I could vote for Adam Cote to be the Democratic candidate for governor of Maine in the primary election on June 12.

This I know: Maine needs a solid leader who can represent its people with dignity and integrity. A solid leader who has a clear vision for a prosperous Maine and a governor who will inspire us all to greatness. Consider Adam Cote as your first choice for Maine’s next governor. He needs the support of everyone who, like us, have decided to make Maine their forever home.

Brenda Pollock


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