Maine’s June 12 election isn’t simply an opportunity for Democrats and Republicans to select their candidates for governor. All Maine’s voters have the opportunity to vote on the referendum question concerning ranked-choice voting.

In the 2016 general election, Maine voters approved an initiative requiring the use of ranked-choice voting in future elections. Subsequently, the Legislature passed a bill that delayed implementation of ranked-choice voting. Supporters of ranked-choice voting filed a “people’s veto” petition to overturn the Legislature’s action and secured the necessary signatures to put the issue before the voters for a second time.

On June 12, Maine’s voters will decide on the future of ranked-choice voting. If the majority of the voters say “yes” to the referendum question, then ranked-choice will be used in future primaries and federal elections.

This issue is far too important to be left to the voters of Maine’s Democratic and Republican parties. Over a third of Maine’s voters are not enrolled in either of these parties, and they can, and should, exercise their vote on this important issue.

I encourage all voters to vote “yes” on the ranked-choice voting referendum on June 12 to overturn the Legislature’s rejection of the will of the voters in the 2016 general election.

If voters are still undecided, they can find information on the Secretary of State’s Office website or by Googling “ranked-choice voting Maine.”

Bruce Hauptli


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