Mainers, our choice in November for governor couldn’t be more clear.

Shawn Moody, the Republican nominee, stated at his recent news conference: “You saw by the results of the election, the people that do the work voted and they sent a clear message to the rest of the people in Maine, that the people that do the work are tired of the people who don’t do the work telling us how to do the work.” Huh?

While the literal meaning of this jumble of words isn’t clear, the underlying message is. He’ll continue the divisive race-to-the-bottom approach begun by Paul LePage by pitting Mainers against each other.

Democratic nominee Janet Mills’ vision is for “one Maine,” where everyone has broadband access, where we begin to finally deal with the opioid epidemic in effective ways that build on her work as attorney general, where we address the negative effects of climate change on our fishing industry, and so much more. Because she has roots in rural Maine, she understands that some areas of the state struggle more than others. Mills believes Maine’s best chapter is yet to be written. She has the drive to help us write that best chapter … together.

Our choice is between someone who’s served the people of Maine honorably and with skill and dedication, vs. someone who became a Republican just before he announced he was running because it was the politically expedient thing to do.

Mary Ann Larson