Recent polls show candidates Janet Mills, a Democrat, and Shawn Moody, a Republican, in a dead heat for the governor’s job at about 39 percent to 39 percent.

Moody has no legislative or governing experience. Remember what happened the last time a “businessman” governor won with about that percentage of the vote? Eight years of Paul LePage: an ideological, stubborn, small-time autocrat who has worked hard to have his own way and stymie legislative decisions. He continues to thwart inquiries by ruling that state employees can’t talk to the Legislature or the press. He refuses to produce policy documents for public viewing and has to be forced in court to comply with laws.

We should know by now that putting a businessman in charge of a democracy isn’t a great idea. Don’t waste your vote with an alternative candidate or a Republican who promises to replicate LePage’s tactics.

Janet Mills has spent years in law and government and knows how to run a state.

Dawn Leland


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