So Town Manager Tom Hall can’t fathom the citizens of Scarborough understanding the Scarborough Downs TIF proposal well enough to vote on its approval or disapproval?

Every voting-age citizen of this town is capable of understanding when the wool is being pulled over their eyes and more wasteful spending is being shoved down their throats.

Hall has also stated that the town needs a community center and that this is a once-in-a-career opportunity for him. The town has voted against a community center several times and Mr. Hall’s career is of no importance to anyone but him. Also, the only people I have ever heard express a desire for a downtown village for Scarborough are town councilors, other politicians, and Hall.

Hall is an employee of the citizens of this town, not the Town Council. He needs to be replaced with someone who is truly interested in the town’s needs. As far as I can see he has become a puppet for the Town Council and council Chairman Bill Donovan, who is one of the most profligate spenders the town has ever seen. This is evidenced by the hiring of an assistant for Hall and a sustainability coordinator for the town. Neither of these positions were necessary.

At the very least the decision on the TIF should be held off until after Election Day.

Jon Spinner