We are writing as a group of friends and acquaintances of Alan Caron, independent candidate for governor. We have known and respected him for many years, some of us since his days as a member of SCAR (Statewide Correctional Alliance for Reform). We acknowledge and appreciate his lifelong commitment to Maine.

But we believe his campaign for governor cannot succeed. With only around 2 percent of voters supporting him, it is obvious at this point that even if he moves up in the polls, he will not persuade a majority or even a plurality of Mainers to vote for him.

Alan Caron has said publicly that if it became evident that he could not win, he would withdraw from the race in October. We believe that October is too late. We hope that he will withdraw from the gubernatorial race now and encourage independent voters and his other supporters to vote for the Democratic candidate, Janet Mills, on Nov. 6.

We are sure that Alan Caron does not want to go down in history as the man who was a detriment to the election not only of a Democratic governor, but also, significantly, the first woman to be governor of the state of Maine, Janet Mills.

We are joined in this request by Jim and Agnes Bushell, Linda Stimpson, Bonnie Blythe and Daniel Heakin, and Judy LaPrade, all of Portland.

Marcia Brown and Celeste Roberge


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