Vote Hepler

As a candidate for the Maine State Legislature,  Allison Hepler has worked  hard  to learn about  issues that are important   to those she would  represent.  She has knocked on thousands of doors and regularly attended public events in each of he towns in her district.

Her monthly email newsletter is full of interesting information about her outreach activities.

Allison is a Professor of History at the University of Maine Farmington.

She has been a creative member of the Woolwich Select board for the past 7 years.  She helped develop a formula for funding local school expenses and a sensible expansion plan for the Woolwich Town Office. She shepherded an agreement with Re-vision energy   for solar panels that power Town owned buildings. More recently, she has pursued an assessment plan for building a more livable and age-friendly community in Woolwich.

Allison Hepler’s experience and creative intelligence will serve Maine well.  Please give her your support.

Ann Pierson,


Mills for governor

Janet Mills is a hard worker who has a lifetime of public service. Janet is Maine’s top law enforcement  official. She is smart and effective. She comes from small town Maine, and knows the lives, needs and hopes of Maine people. She cares enough about the opioid crisis that she won a lawsuit against drug manufacturers and used the money to buy a room full of Narcam. Then she personally took it to 85 Maine police stations to give to drug-overdosed people, and saved 500 lives. It cost Maine taxpayers nothing.

Who does Janet work for as attorney general? The people of Maine and has done so for 40 years.  Noneroded mountains, deer, moose and bear in productive forests, and streams full of world class trout, is what brings tourists to Maine. Janet will continue to protect these resources. She will work with businesses and community colleges to train young Mainers for good paying technology and green energy jobs.

Janet has stood her ground using Maine law to withstand Gov. LePage’s attacks on majority approved referendums for expanding Medicaid, building affordable senior housing, improving schools, and legalizing marijuana.

As a Mainer, Janet knows our strengths of community, ingenuity, hard work, stewardship of our natural resources, making local funding decisions at town meeting, and looking after one another. She will build on those strengths. Janet is the only candidate with the experience, intelligence and proven track record to work cooperatively in the legislature to meet Maine’s serious challenges, both now and in the future.

Nancy B Chandler,


Supporting McCreight

Jay McCreight has a proven track record of service to all her constituents, and has worked tirelessly on issues related to health, fishing, working waterfront and fiscal problems.

She has continued to work diligently and carefully.  Her level of curiosity and concern only grows.  Anyone who has spoken with her knows just how caring, thoughtful and focused a person she is.

Jay listens carefully to a problem or question then works to bring her own considerable experience to it or she immediately sets out to learn as much as possible to help resolve the issue.

I have known Jay personally for almost ten years, honestly, we couldn’t have a better legislative representative than Jay McCreight. Please vote for her in this coming election and keep her working for us!

Patricia Ferrara Fuchs,

Orrs Island

Re-elect Carson

I write in support of Brownie Carson’s candidacy for the Maine Senate District 24 seat, which covers Brunswick, Freeport, Harpswell, Pownal and North Yarmouth.

I’ve known Brownie since his days at the Natural Resources Council of Maine. Leading an organization that advocates for a healthy environment for all Mainers, he earned my respect with his knowledge of the issues, dedication to doing what was right, and creating coalitions of surprising partners to get important issues addressed.

Brownie is kind, honest, committed, and uniquely qualified to be our senator. He stands for a healthy economy, clean environment and engaged citizenry – and he does his work with civility. He supports a ban on the sale of assault rifles, believes that everyone should have access to quality, affordable health care and was the driving force behind passage of a bill, enacted over the governor’s veto, to restore our public health nursing service.

I urge the voters of Senate District 24 to vote for Brownie on Nov.6.

Alicia & Henry Heyburn,