I am a resident of the West End in Portland. There is a Cumberland Farms gas station in my neighborhood.

The gas station is at the center of our West End neighborhood and located near the Reiche School playground. This gas station has been neglected in maintenance and has been the site of fights that required police intervention. Now it also could slowly be killing people in the same neighborhood.

A recently published Columbia University study demonstrated that the toxic fumes emitted by gas stations are 10 times worse than previously thought. I would like to bring this study to your attention because I am concerned about the serious impact that the Cumberland Farms could have on Portland residents’ health; given the close proximity to the school, children are the most vulnerable to toxic fumes.

I would like to know how I can motivate Cumberland Farms and other gas stations to take immediate preventive steps to reduce such deadly fumes to both residents in the neighborhood as well as to people who come to Reiche School playground regularly.

Jerome Ansia


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