SOUTH PORTLAND — Kathy Germani was named Maine’s 2019 Assistant Superintendent of the Year by the Maine School Superintendent’s Association at its annual meeting Oct. 24.

Germani has been South Portland’s assistant superintendent since 2011. She was previously principal of Mahoney Middle School and joined the School Department as a special education teacher in 1980. 

“Ms. Germani uses her nearly four decades of service in South Portland Schools, and deep knowledge of our community, to maximum advantage for the students and schools in South Portland for the education community in Maine,” Superintendent Ken Kunin said in a prepared statement. 

Germani helps oversee eight public schools and 3,000 students.

“There are so many things that set Kathy Germani apart,” Kunin said. “She is a clear, logical and compassionate communicator whose ability to remain calm and logical when things are difficult allows her to capture what she is hearing, re-state the issues for all, and illuminate areas of agreement.”

Patrick Manuel, left, president of the Maine School Superintendent’s Association, with South Portland Assistant Superintendent of Schools Kathy Germani.