I was amazed at Marc A. Thiessen’s Nov. 9 column, “Brett Kavanaugh debacle cost Democrats the Senate” (Page A7). Most political pundits predicted that the Republicans would retain control of the Senate.

The accusation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh was made by a very credible witness, not by a radical Democratic mob. It is not surprising that no concrete evidence of the assault was found, in light of the amount of time that had passed and the rushed, limited investigation by the FBI.

I did not think that any of the major participants acquitted themselves well, with the exception of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Democratic and Republican senators alike behaved in a rude and arrogant fashion, with a great deal of political grandstanding.

However, Judge Kavanaugh’s behavior was just as bad, if not worse. He is indeed now seated on the Supreme Court, and one can only hope that his demeanor will improve.

Nancy D. Barber