I am writing today in support of District 5 South Portland City Council candidate Deqa Dhalac.

I met Deqa when our children attended a small middle school program together. I was immediately drawn to her warmth and presence.

Through the years, we have interacted socially and professionally. I work as a school nurse for the South Portland School Department, and we have had the opportunity to collaborate through her work at the Opportunity Alliance, which provides outreach to South Portland schools.

Deqa is a professional and a tireless advocate for our community. She is a person who values hard work and is dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community through her profession, her volunteer work and as an active member of the South Portland community.

Deqa is someone willing to put in the hard work to improve the South Portland community on the City Council. Please vote for her Tuesday in the special election.

Jocelyn Kelly


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