In reading about the woes of climate change a couple weeks ago, what I took away from the write-in responses was that all the lefties want us to buy politically correct electric cars, so we can stop the sky from falling in.

Let’s look at a simple fact: Unless your electric ride is being charged by a solar panel in your backyard, it’s being fueled by the coal, propane or natural gas used by electric companies to produce your “fuel.” Add to that, all your car batteries will end up as pollution in a landfill in a few years.

I find it hard to believe, but not surprising that some of you are arrogant enough that you actually think that the public should pay to set up free fueling places for you. Why should we pay so you can ride around free? You already drive on roads that the rest of us pay a gas tax for, and you don’t pay a dime. Why shouldn’t you pay your share of road taxes?

Since Gov.-elect Janet Mills wants to tax everything, let’s charge a yearly road tax for electric cars when they are registered every year based on the miles they are driven. And a disposal tax for dumping the car batteries when they need replacing.

No one will ever convince me that in Maine, with all the trees that need carbon dioxide to live, that the number of cars on our roads is causing any climate change.

Today’s cars run cleaner than ever before and get better every year. But if you want to drive around in an electric car, that’s fine with me, if you’ll start paying your share of the road costs.

As for me, I think I’ll stick with my Mustang muscle car and hope a piece of the sky doesn’t fall on me.

John Call


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