While I was attempting to watch the local and national news Monday, the program kept getting interrupted by a National Weather Service warning with a horrible sound, followed by a recorded voice broadcasting a weather warning.

I watched the local news, part of which was a weather segment. Oh yes, the storm was coming on Tuesday evening, and it was only Monday evening. The last time I checked, the world here in Maine was not ending. OK, we need weather warnings for a severe storm such as a blizzard or hurricane. A forecast 6- to 12-inch snowfall is not a major storm.

Here’s a solution. All television channels have the ability to stream across the top or bottom of their picture stock reports, election results and general news of interest to the viewer. Why not stream these NWS weather alerts and let the program audio continue?

Since they interrupted all the channels, I turned the television off and awaited the next day’s Portland Press Herald. God forbid we have a weather warning during the upcoming Super Bowl.

Jerry Angier


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