I am sick and tired of hearing Tom Brady this. Tom Brady that. Tom Brady is the oldest quarterback to win the Super Bowl. Tom Brady’s great physical condition. He eats organic vegetables and little meat. He has a personal trainer and personal chef.

There is a difference between Tom Brady and the average person. The average person does not have a personal trainer and personal chef; also, the average person does not receive the paycheck Tom Brady receives.

Stan Musial, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Tommy McDonald, Terry Bradshaw, et al., did not have what Tom Brady has, and they were great players.

Genes play an important part. My mother and maternal grandmother both lived into their 90s and had no major illness. They just became old. Growing up, we lived on ground meat, hot dogs and whatever else was on sale every week.

So, how about recognizing other great players who were not fortunate enough to have what Tom Brady has? It is time to give other players a chance. If Tom Brady will pay for a personal trainer and personal chef for me, I then could enter the Mrs. America contest.

Patty Fortula-Kohn

South Portland

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