Reiki practitioner Rebecca Monks.

Local Reiki practitioner Rebecca Monks goes with the flow, in more ways than one. Monks has recently embarked upon a mission of self-exploration using the natural energy of the universe and, in doing so, has learned the value of connection. Monks is eager to share her experiences with individuals who are interested in improving their lives with simple energy practices.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that uses the universal life force energy to promote healing. Monks first became interested in the practice after experiencing the benefits of daily meditation and yoga; the technique resonated with Monks because it was something she could pursue independently. She borrowed every energy book she could find at the local library and began teaching herself about the health benefits of Reiki. “It all naturally made sense to me and was a really nice place to start for some self-healing work, which I really needed at that time,” explains Monks. After her first Reiki session, Monks experienced a shift in her mindset; she felt more clarity and trust in herself with the decisions she was making at that time, which resulted in positive changes in her life.

“I realized how empowering it was, and how clear you could get with what you wanted and what you didn’t want through energy healing and self-care. Then from there, I started making vision boards,”  Monks said.

After her positive experiences with energy techniques, Monks took it upon herself to begin sharing the practice in ways that are both relevant and therapeutic. She began exploring the concept of self-discovery with vision boards, which are collages used as a means of self-expression and actualization. Friends suggested that Monks offer vision board workshops as a way of bringing people together to create works of art with which they connect on an individual level. Monks begins each workshop with chocolate, tea, and a brief guided meditation, and encourages participants to sift through magazines for inspiration while considering the questions: how do you feel? What delights you? Monks describes the creative process that occurs in these workshops as “the exploration and the discovery, which is always changing.” Creating vision boards helps individuals forget about limitations and look at things differently, while exploring visual symbols and manifesting positive life changes. “New opportunities come. Things are coming and moving right along. You’re shifting your mindset, saying yes to new things, meeting new people. Because of that, new opportunities come and all of a sudden, there you are.”

Monks finds great value in facilitating the creative process and acknowledges the importance of individual expression on different levels. In addition to the exploration of different visual symbols, there is also significance in the aesthetic approach. Whether participants use different colors, patterns, layers or techniques to create different feelings, the goal is to channel their own unique perspective on life and the acceptance of everything. “It’s amazing to see the ways people arrange. There’s this beautiful self-expression that happens. . .When you can accept yourself fully, and all of your unique perspectives, your desires, and things that are unique about you, then you start to accept the differences in others that are really far from you.”

Monks looks forward to connecting with more individuals who are interested in exploring the benefits of energy healing on a variety of levels. She offers Reiki sessions on the weekends, when she’s not working as a speech pathologist, and has recently started hosting Reiki healing clinics, in which participants experiment with different energy practices. She will continue to offer monthly vision board workshops at Curtis Memorial Library by donation only and participate in local community events, including Kindness Day in Bath and the How-To Festival in Brunswick. Monks intends to complete her Reiki Master Teacher Certification in the near future, at which point she hopes to work with older children and young adults to develop stress management techniques and coping skills based on energy healing strategies.

“I’m putting it out there and seeing what comes back and working with it, trusting myself. If I need to do something differently, I will. There’s this openness and this trust that what’s happening right now is perfect, just as it is.”

For more information, email Monks at [email protected].

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