The Maine Sunday Telegram’s reporting of the Episcopal bishop election (“Maine Episcopalians elect openly gay bishop,” Feb. 10, Page B1) made a point but not necessarily the most relevant one.

As a political moderate who is straight and whose only direct acquaintance with Bishop-elect Tom Brown was a brief introduction when visiting his parish years ago, I base my remarks on having watched how he works. There are at least three leadership qualities he possesses that bode well for his anticipated service in Maine:

First, someone who is young yet honors elders’ wisdom should have energy and insights to offer a state worried about an aging population.

 Second, as someone globally and cross-culturally engaged, he brings a valuable perspective to public, often contentious, debates about who belongs and who doesn’t.

 Third, his encouragement of spiritual well-being when it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a slew of planetary crises offers direction toward hope and courage to act.

Maybe a better headline and focus for the article would have been: “Maine Episcopal bishop election suggests inspired choice.”

Elizabeth C. Parsons