OAKLAND, Calif. — Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr acknowledged Monday using an expletive to air his frustrations with Draymond Green when speaking to assistant coach Mike Brown during Sunday night’s 115-111 loss to the lowly Phoenix Suns.

The moment was caught on video and while it wasn’t audible, viewers could read Kerr’s lips.

Kerr wouldn’t go into details regarding discussion he had with Green, saying “that’s private.”

“I’m so … tired of Draymond!” Kerr said in the video.

Kerr joked he didn’t say what he appeared to say.

“No, the lip-readers were wrong,” he said. “What I said was, ‘I beg to differ with Draymond’s approach tonight.’ Those were my exact words. I don’t know how somebody misconstrued that.”

Kerr regularly has praised Green’s production on both ends of the court this season, though Golden State has struggled to play the kind of smothering defense that defined its run to a repeat title last season.

But the Warriors weren’t playing well on defense late in the 2018 regular season before taking it to another level in the playoffs.

“If you look historically at any team trying to win multiple titles in a row, get to the finals year after year, there’s a different vibe,” Kerr said. “As you go, the journey gets harder and there’s more adversity. We saw it at the end of last year quite a bit. We were able to pull things together and win the title. We’re seeing plenty of adversity this year.”

Green wasn’t available Monday.