Sener will say no to bloated budgets, tax increases 

Bath is holding a special election on April 2nd to fill our vacated seat in the House of Representatives. If other special elections are any indication, very few residents will get out and vote. It is certainly your right to stay home and ignore what is happening in Augusta but if you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to complain about the proposed legislation that will increase the tax on gasoline and heating oil or the proposed tax hike on diesel fuel. The bills I reference all had local legislators as sponsor or co-sponsors. With the challenges we faced heating our home this winter, the idea of imposing a tax on heating oil reminded me that it does make a difference who we send to Augusta. That is why I am voting for Ken Sener for State Representative. Ken has decades of leadership experience as a Navy Captain and business experience working at BIW and as a Managing Consultant with IBM Global Business Services. Sadly, Ken’s leadership and business skills are sorely lacking in Augusta. With an unprecedented $1.7 billion in bond proposals printed so far, I fear our next generation will pay the cost of this Legislature’s unsustainable appetite. We need people like Ken Sener who will say no to bloated budgets, over spending on bonds and increasing taxes on people who are already struggling to pay their bills and balance the family’s budget. Please join me in voting for common sense and experience. Vote Ken Sener on April 2. 

Mary E. Small, 


Paulhus is part of the heart of Bath 

When my family moved to Bath, Sean Paulhus was one of the first neighbors to greet us. Whenever we had a concern about parking, plowing, town maintenance, Sean listened fully and responded thoughtfully. His work as informal and formal liaison between townsfolk and BIW has helped to spur discourse and resolve issues. He is part of the heart of Bath, a town that fosters tradition while looking to the future with care and ingenuity. As a long standing member of the town council of Bath and the state of Maine government, he has proven that he will work for us. Sean Paulhus is for us. 

Elyce Reavely, 


‘Inherit the Wind’ still relevant theater experience 

Recently, I had a wonderful theater experience. I attended “Inherit the Wind” at Theater Project in Brunswick. The production was directed by Chris Price and portrayed by a very talented group of focused, engaged actors. The set was a clever, imaginative use of their limited space. The play itself is as relevant today as it was when it premiered in 1955. It is the story of the famous Monkey Trial in Tennessee that centered on the law which declared the teaching of evolution in public schools a crime. The tension is between folks who believe that every word of the Christian bible should be taken literally and those who believe that science, including Darwin, should be accepted as truth. The show moves along briskly with lots of interaction that highlights the struggle. If you would like attend, the show runs through March 31 with evening performance on Fridays and Saturdays and a Sunday Matinee. It’s worth every minute.  

Deborah Hayden,