As a hospice social worker, much of my job is about supporting families at some of the most difficult moments in their life. By the time I am working with a patient, someone in their family has often been caring for them for a number of months, and in some cases, multiple years. Family caregivers do the unheralded and unseen work that allows Maine seniors to remain in their homes and communities, even as their care needs change.

This year, a proposal to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit to include family caregivers is an important way to support the people caring for their loved ones as they age. LD 1491 recognizes the important role that family caregivers play in a state that is rapidly aging, and it will help support families with a little extra assistance when they need it the most.

I encourage our elected officials to pass this bill and help Maine families care for one another when possible.

Louise Boisvert


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