I am writing to express support for City Manager John Jennings’ budget proposal.

Mr. Jennings recognizes there has to be a limit on taxes. Of course they will go up, but the amounts they’ve risen in Portland is unsustainable, making Portland unaffordable. Jennings’ proposed 2.9 percent increase is reasonable.

Thank you Mr. Jennings for recommending that it’s time to limit how much help is provided to the homeless and those in need. A cap is overdue. To the city’s credit Portland has been generous, but the word got out and that generosity attracts the homeless from all over.

While it is very sad that so many are homeless, Portland cannot support those from every community in the Northeast and beyond (Texas.) Residents of Greater Portland, perhaps, but not from all over. Today’s story in the Press Herald about Texas sending asylum seekers here illustrates that word has gotten out to come to Portland. This is not sustainable.

As far as a local “clean election,” or giving taxpayer money to people to run for office, no! Please!

Taxpayers have limited means. We do not need to pay for people to run for office at a municipal level, paying for candidates at the state level is bad enough!


Also, Portland does an excellent job encouraging/educating residents to recycle correctly in a tough, recycling market. Recycling does cost money but it’s better than landfill/incinerating resources.

However, if the price of city trash bags must go up, please sell them in fewer quantities, maybe 3 at a time instead of 10.
If a person only has $50 or $100 to spend on groceries a week, $13 or $15 is a big hit; three for $5 would make it easier for those on limited means to buy them.

Rick Zaccaro


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