The search for and commitment to truth is among the most important and fundamental principles impacting our individual and collective lives.

It is not surprising that the extent of truth gained has direct impact on the development of trust so important to the effectiveness of our democracy and the dignity and respect with which such is held.

Our forefathers recognized these critical concepts in the Constitution, which includes giving Congress the right of subpoena to ascertain the truth. So, too, did Congress give authority to Mr. Mueller in his role as Special Counsel. His extensive report provides important information as the difficult issues he addressed are being considered.
What does this mean for all of us deeply concerned about the future leadership of our government?

Of particular note, regarding the above principles, be aware that it has been factually proven that the President has made false or misleading assertions over 9,000 times. That’s right, over 9,000 times! I would not trust anything of importance to any person who has such disdain for the truth.
Become familiar with the provisions of Mr. Mueller’s extensive report.

Be pleased the Congress has subpoena authority as the house proceeds with its critical information gathering.(Just beginning the President is stonewalling such request for himself and other principals.)

Trust an informed and public-minded press and TV to keep us informed.

Make a special effort to contact elected and appointed officials to inform them of your opinions/recommendations regarding the issues of special importance to you.
Finally, take to heart the words of one wise pundit who observed, “trust the process and keep the faith!” The final outcome is in our hands.

Richard Seaman


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