State Sen. Everett “Brownie” Carson, D-Harpswell, has refused to take petitions from his constituents because he is of another opinion. One of the current bills before the Legislature was a so-called Red Flag bill which would allow police to confiscate your guns if anyone reported you were a danger. Sen. Carson was a co-sponsor, and apparently he does not want to hear from the his people.

A pro-gun group tried to give signed petitions to Sen. Carson and he returned them with a note saying he did not want them and even signed his name. So much for free speech and for listening to his constituents. This was splashed all over Facebook this week. Typical liberal arrogance and one wonders why we put up with it. It is too bad that so many Senate District 24 voters were taken in and conned. Hopefully they will not make that mistake again.

George A. Fogg
North Yarmouth

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