Maine Standard Biofuels, founded in 2006, is Maine’s only commercial biodiesel manufacturer. We have been collecting and refining used cooking oil from restaurants and institutions for about 13 years, and we are proud to be an environmental company in the growing green economy here in Maine.

Over the past 13 years the biodiesel industry has been filled with many uncertainties. We have seen federal subsidies come and go, and it has been difficult to reinvest for growth.

To address these uncertainties, the Maine Legislature is now considering L.D. 1698, a production tax credit for bio-based (plant-based) products and chemicals, which also reinstates an expired tax credit for biofuels.

L.D. 1698 would give Maine Biofuels and other bio-based chemical companies the ability to hire more Mainers and provide good-paying jobs to hardworking folks. It would allow us to reinvest in equipment, spend more resources on research and development and create more bio-based products, like our Wicked Strong Cleaners and Solvitall line.

L.D. 1698 would help Maine Standard Biofuels be more competitive against petroleum products, hire more Mainers and become a national leader in the growing bio-based economy.

I urge our lawmakers to pass L.D. 1698, not only for companies like mine, but also for the future of Maine’s green economy.

Jarmin Kaltsas

co-owner and founder, Maine Standard Biofuels


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