“What a gift of grace to be able to take chaos from within and from it create some semblance of order.” Katherine Patterson

Getting our home in order is always there. Right in front of us! Organizing and spring cleaning are playing with our heart and soul.

Caring for a home frees creativity, talent and elbow grease. There is a great healing potential in any work we choose.

Cleaning is a magical project. We need optimism, enthusiasm, and magic. (Yes, it does seems like magic when streaked windows and dirty floors glisten and shine.)

It is a beautiful blue May morning. The kind of a day we dream about. Our attentions turn homeward.

With fresh eyes we consider bringing order to our home. There will always be cluttered draws, dirty dishes and laundry. The clean become soiled and over and over, soil is made clean. Also it is the best feeling coming home to a clutter free space.

Coordinating our life into a streamlined system helps us to get rid of things that are distracting and adding or keeping things we care about. We don’t realize how much we accumulate over the years. Deciding to simplify our lives and bring order to our homes try sending objects we no longer love to new people who will genuinely appreciate them. Donating feels so good!

I ask myself: Could this home use some organizing and spring cleaning? Is this house tidy on the surface but hiding chaos and confusion in junk drawers? It takes courage to clean out junk drawers.

Each item is touchingly familiar creating cozy nostalgia.

These are your treasures.

Today spring cleaning and getting organized are much easier than it used to be many years ago. For one example: We have automatic washing machines and dryers. I can remember my mother scrubbing by hand on scrubbing boards. Then came along the washing machine with the ringers. I shrunk my brother’s wool sweater because the water was too hot!

We do not see to many clothes lines with clothes flying in the wind today. (Weather permitting I like to hang the laundry outside.)

With all the new inventions, machinery and technology it is much easier to care for our homes. Also, sooner or later the time comes to start downsizing.

Maine is a beautiful state and has so much to offer. Awed by its beauty and diversity people are drawn to the rugged coast of Maine. Moving to a smaller home enables us to spend less time cleaning and less managing/ more time for refreshing and relaxing. We have a different walk for all seasons.

Fun, creative, talented and unstoppable the Annual Greek Heritage festival committee is planning a wonderful event. The cooks and bakers have captured the great taste of Greek cuisine.

They prepare recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Fortunately, despite changing times, the recipes have been lovingly and carefully preserved.

On Friday July 19, Saturday July 20 and Sunday July 21, St. Demetrios Church will host the Annual Greek Heritage Festival connecting people with fun for everyone in Saco.

For more information, call Stephanie 284-5651.

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