A newly introduced bill targeting robocallers that has U.S. Sen. Susan Collins’ support would double the penalties on scammers who trick victims into answering phone calls.

Supporters say Americans receive billions of pre-recorded telemarketing calls a year.

Robocallers often rely on “spoofing” caller-IDs to mask their true identity and make it appear as though they’re calling from the IRS, FBI or other agencies.

The bipartisan bill unveiled in the Senate on Wednesday would double the penalties for illegal spoofing from $10,000 per violation to $20,000. It would also increase the maximum fine from $1 million to $2 million.

It complements U.S.-Senate passed bills that would create a task force to report on the enforcement of the prohibition of robocalls and give regulators more tools to pursue scammers.

Collins, a Republican, says Mainers received 93 million robocalls last year.

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