This letter is in response to the writer who complained about high dental costs. l would like to suggest he read the Atlantic Magazine expose in the May 2019 issue. While there are many ethical dentists and practices there are a great many who are questionable in their administration of services.

Thanks to fluoridation and aggressive dental hygiene such as flossing and the use of electric toothbrushes, general mouth care is getting better. However, given the average cost of a dental education ($200,000) and the high cost of maintaining a practice, many doctors are involved in unnecessary services, in some cases even filling nonexistent cavities. All patients who have doubts about the recommendations of their dentists should get a second opinion.

There are alternatives. The University of New England Dental Clinic offers high-quality services under the auspices of dentists and hands-on service of dental students. Once a dentist with questionable ethics performs a procedure, the damage is permanent.

Tom DiPasqua


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